I started Ed’s Treasures in 2006 as a website to help people with hobbies. Ed’s Treasures was started with the intention of providing information about hobbies and to supply tools and items that were hard to find or low in price. Now 10 years later we have turned Ed’s Treasure into an online for a variety of items for many hobbies and collectables.

Ed’s Treasure is an extension of Rods1. www.rods1.com Rods1 targets fishing reels and reel parts while Ed’s Treasure is more like a flea market or garage sale. Our inventory will be listed by category of that product.
For many years we just had information and supplied articles that would help many hobbyist. Then we started designing things that were not on the market or they were expensive items. The Camera stands or software programs were designed because of these reasons.

Ed’s Treasures has two sister websites Rods1 www.rods1.com and Rods1studio www.rods1studio.com.
Rods1studio was created to cater to Custom Rod Building, Rods1 was created for the reel and reel parts. Ed’s Treasure is for both those products but also much more. Coins, stamps, knives, camera stands, work stations, tools, fishing supplies, fly tying, fishing lures, and more.

My name is Ed Bingle Owner of Ed’s Treasure. I have been enjoying hobbies since I was a kid. So many hobbies and a lot of fun. This is what inspired me to create Ed’s Treasure to help other hobbyist and share the concepts that I have designed. Taking photos of small parts for instance was hard for me several years ago, so I decided to make a low price custom camera stand to take photos.
I then started making tool holders and work stations.

Then I started collecting many items that would help me with my hobbies and decided to share them with or without the work stations.
The old website got lost in 2015. All the many years of information, articles and pictures were erased by my host having a server problem. Sure I had back up files. That website was built day by day for 10 years. The old website was an HTML website. I had been told that WordPress was the new and common way to do new websites so I had to change the way I designed and maintained this new site. This is where we are today.

www.edstreasure.com rods1.com www.rods1studio.com
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ED’S Treasures . An online store for many items for many hobbies. Ed’s Treasures started an online business in 2006. We have had many great customers over the years and hope to meet many more.
Ed’s Treasures offers fishing supplies, camera stands, coins, stamps and much more. We have new and used products for sale.