Custom Camera Stands, Copy Stands, & Accessories

Custom Camera Stands and Copy Stands and Accessories.
Ed’s Treasure designs and build custom camera stands for hobbyist and professionals. We having been building custom camera stands for six years.


Hello from Ed Bingle owner of Ed’s Treasures.
I started building custom camera stands for myself for my own hobbies several years ago and had some friends in the coins and stamps hobbies ask me to build them a custom stand. Since then I have built stands for over 30 different hobbies
For professionals I have built stands for colleges, biologist, insect collecting, and government.
All our stands are low cost to many other options available.
Taking pictures can be a hobby or a career. Taking good photos may be the different in selling an item or not.
I use my camera stand for inventory and grading. I have many hobbies and all consist of small items, coins, stamps, fishing reels and parts, fishing lures, pens, lighter, knives, jewelry, lighters, watches, and pipes.


There are stands for sell in our store. But we specialize in designing custom stands for your needs. So if you have a special design and need help or want us to build it. Contact us.

Our stands have been used for copy stands. We can make the adjustable column any height needed. There are light and heavy extrusions available for all camera weights and sizes. The base can be what ever size you need it to be. We show most bases at 12″ X 12″ for the purpose of using on a desktop.
We have made wall mounts and large stands that use sliding arms. So next time you need a stand for taking great photos of your product or items. Contact us and lets design it together.

Our custom camera stands are great for taking photos of items for selling on Ebay or a webstore.

Thanks you for checking us out.